Creality Filament 1.75mm ABS (Brown)

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Creality Filament 1.75mm ABS (Brown)

Compatible Devices :-Creality Printer , 3d priner , FDM 3D Printer Item Weight :- 1.00 kilograms Model Number :-ABS


  •  Good tensile strength, good ductility, good flow, low shrinkage, good flexible and low weight
  •  The tolerance of filament diameter is within ±0.2mm, with better printing and higher precision
  •  The filament thread head can be fixed ln the hole of filament wheel and the heel can be hung on the printer.
  •  The filament has bright color, consistent diameter and great flexibility.
  •  The filament wheel Is neither too hard, nor too soft, smooth and gentle to touch

Price : 2850.00
This Material is OUT OF STOCK......


Performance Parameters

- Material ABS
- Nozzle temperature 215-245°C
- Density 1.02±0.02
- Melt flow rate 30g±1.2g/1Omin (200°C, 5kg)
- Water absorbency 0.25%
- Tensile strength 45.2±1.4MPa
- Bending modulus 2388±230MPa
- Breaking elongation 35.3%±3.4%
- Filament diameter 3mm/1.75mm
- Bubble 100% (No bubbles)
- N.W. 1kg
- Size of filament wheel Diameter 200mm, height 66mm, hole diameter 56mm
- Temperature of hot bed 90°C

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