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Zortrax M300 Dual


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Are you a professional and have high demands on quality and performance of your 3D printer? Then the Zortrax M300 Dual is perfect for you. Experience industrial 3D printing quality at a fair price – and on your desk. 3D print two materials thanks to the extruder with double hot-end and two separate nozzles.

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  •  Thanks to the large construction volume of 265x265x300 mm, you can create 3D prints of large components easily and in high quality. 3D print even your large masterpieces in one piece.
  •  The LPD Plus technology works with two nozzles and a double hot end. 3D print complex parts and objects with undercuts without a hard-to-remove support structure. On one extruder you 3D print with your main material and on the other with water-soluble support material.
  •  Your Zortrax M300 Dual is smart. It detects a power outage. Its control software pauses your 3D printing and remembers the exact position of the extruder. When the power returns, the Zortrax M300 resumes your 3D printing at the same location. This feature eliminates the need for false 3D printing. Save your filament, your time and your nerves.
  •  The built-in capacitive sensor measures the distance between extruder and construction platform. Always 3D-print with the optimal distance, independent of the used building platform. This makes calibration simple and automated.
    Usable Filament Diameter : 1,75 mm
    Nozzle Temperatur Max : 0310 ºC
    Open Filament System : Yes
    Extruder Typ : direct drive
    Build Area : 265 mm x 265 mm x 300 mm
    Dual Build Area : 265 mm x 265 mm x 300 mm
    Build Plate Temp Max : 105 ºC
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