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Getting started in 3D printing with Finder is much easier and much more affordable than ever. It is capable of printing right out of the box with few tweaks. All the heated elements are protected from touch, and the printing filament is non-toxic PLA. Finder is the perfect starter 3D printer for families, schools as well as novice users.

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  •  Fruity modeling industrial design, no edges and corners, no high temperature components and bare wire, guarantee a safer use experience
  •  Assisted leveling, filament run-out reminder, slide-in build plate realize easy operation
  •  Smart supports, provide treelike and linear supports, can be modified manually
  •  3.5' touch screen panel, easy operation, instant previews of 3d model files. Print speed : 10-100mm/s
  •  Ultra-quiet operation design, suitable for quiet working environment
    Extruder Quantity : 1
    Nozzle Diameter : 0.4 mm
    Maximum Extruder Temperature : 240 ℃ (464 ℉)
    Print Speed : 30-100 mm/s
    Filament Compatibility : PLA, Wood, TPU 95A
    Filament Diameter : 1.75mm (0.069 IN)
    Print Volume : 140*140*140 mm(5.5*5.5*5.5IN)
    Layer Thickness : 0.1-0.4 mm
    Print Precision : ±0.2 mm
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  • Type D

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