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Modix Big 60 V3 3D Printer

Open, flexible and easy to customize at your own requirements. Use filament from any vendor and any slicing software you prefer. Print from high resolution of 50 micron up to large robust objects. Run batch production of many small parts in one go. Get stronger large objects since they are printed as one part. Save time on post processing – no shim to hide.


  •  Features
  •  Large print volume of 600 x 600 x 660 mm
  •  Duet 2 Wifi, 32Bit controller developed by Duet3D
  •  Reprap Firmware developed and supported by Duet3D
  •  7 inch touchscreen made by Duet3D
  •  E3D Titan Aero extruder with E3D Volcano hotend

Price : 525000.00
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Performance Parameters

Modix BIG-60 V3 3D Printer
Company Modix
Application Prototyping, Research and Development, Restoration
Industry Automotive, Consumer products, Education, Entertainment
Technology FFF FDM
Printer type Filament deposition
Launched in 2020
Assembly DIY Kit
Materials PLA , PETG, PVA, ABS, ASA, PC, Nylon, TPU, Woodfil, Carbon composite
Material system Open material system
Build size (XYZ) Print size metric 600 x 600 x 660 mm
Print size imperial 23.6 x 23.6 x 26 inches
Diameter 1.75 mm
Layer thickness 40 - 800 Microns
XYZ accuracy 4 x 10 x 0.5 Micron
Closed print chamber Optional
Feeder system Direct
Extruder Single
Print bed details Heated bed, PEI surface
Bed leveling Fully automatic
Display LCD
Connectivity SD card, USB cable. WIFI is optional
Camera Requirements
Slicing Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r
Dimensions (XYZ) 900 x 950 x 975 mm
Dimensions imperial 35.4 x 37.4 x 38.4 inches

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