Refurbished Photon Mono X 3D Printer

Brand: Anycubic

Rs. 41,689
    • One of the most exciting developments in resin 3D printing is the use of monochrome LCD panels for masking the UV curing process. Norm tests and reviews the Anycubic Photon Mono X, which uses a 9-inch 4K resolution mono LCD for a large build volume and high-fidelity prints at 3 to 4 times the speed of previous mSLA printers. Here’s a rundown of how the Mono X works and our workflow for slicing models as well as the cleanup process using the wash and cure station

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System : ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X
Operation : 3.5 inch Touch Screen
Software : ANYCUBIC Photon workshop
Connectivity : USB
Technology : LCD-based SLA
Light-source : high-quality filament(wavelength 405nm)
XY Res. : 0.050mm 3840*2400(4K)
Z Axis Res. : 0.01mm
Layer Res. : 0.01-0.15mm
Printing Speed : MAX 60mm/h
Rated Power : 120W
Printer Size : 270mm(L)*290mm(W)*475mm(H)
Build Volume : 192mm(L)*120mm(W)*245mm(H)
Material : 405nm UV Resin
Net Weight : ~10.75kg

  1.  3X Fast Printing: single-layer exposure only takes 1-2 seconds, and the printing speed is Max 60mm/h, which is 3 times faster than ordinary resin printers. Do you want to finish printing faster? This printer help you to obtain higher quality models in a shorter time.
  2.  4K Monochrome Screen: ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X is a new UV Photocuring 3D printer with ultra-high resolution (3840*2400 pixels), highly restored details, and the screen service life is up to 2000h, more durable than ordinary color screen.
  3.  APP Remote Control & Large Printing Volume: Use this Mono X UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer to realize remote printing management anytime and anywhere, monitor printing progress in real time, and adjust printing parameters at any time. In order to achieve the creation needs of larger models, it has a surprising printing volume, and printing volume size 192 * 120 * 250mm.
  4.  Double Linear Guide: Z-axis adopts the combination of double linear guide + screw motor + anti-backlash nut, improve the stability of Z-axis, run more stable, and eliminate printing layer lines. Independently researched and developed Anycubic slicing software, which is more powerful, supports 8 times anti-aliasing and smoother printing accuracy.
  5.  New Matrix UV Light Source: Using quartz lamp beads, a new generation of new matrix design, the light source is more uniform, and it can be used with 4K monochrome screen to achieve high-precision printing. The resin 3D printer contains exclusive UV heat dissipation channels, which can efficiently cool down.

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