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Refurbished N4


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Note :- "The products are used with minor scratches but there is no issue in the working of the products. All the goods once sold cant be returned, and is sold on "as is where is basis."

Entering the world of resin printers, Anet is taking their first dip into the sea of competitors with their N4 printer. With resin printing on the rise, it’s no wonder companies such as Anet are racing to create the best possible machines for makers on a budget. The booming popularity of SLA printers has brought a new aspect to 3D printing, as the level of detail begins to cross the line of what the human eye can see. The Anet N4 seems to be entering the market competing for the spotlight with printers such as the Anycubic Photon and the Elegoo Mars.

  •  Light curing resin 3D printer with an accuracy of up to 47um
  •   Independent research and development system, simple and stable operation
  •   3.5-inch high-definition color touch screen, easy to operate
  •  Offline printing, printing directly from a USB flash drive, no need to connect to a computer, stable transmission
  •  Self-developed software AlPrint, extremely fast slicing, up to 15 times faster than other similar software
  •   The software can automatically identify and correct the wrong STL model, output the correct print file, avoid printing failure due to errors such as intersections and holes
  •   AlPrint uses the world's first honeycomb structure to fill, solid models save more than 50% of resin materials! At the same time, the printing effect and structural strength of the model are also guaranteed
  •   Die-cast aluminum base, external screwless design, stylish appearance, stable and durable, ensuring printing accuracy
  •   The printing process displays the print profile in real time and monitors the print effect at any time
  •   The platform adopts a universal wheel design, which can be rotated in multiple directions, and the leveling is simpler, once leveled and used for a long time
  •   Layer thickness: 0.05mm
  •  Printing size: 120 x 65 x 138mm
    Printing Technology : LCD-based Stereolithography (SLA)
    Product Dimension : 230*235*380mm
    Screen : 3.5 inch Color Touch Screen
    Power Supply : 110V/240V AC 35W
    Slicing Software : AIprint
    Data Input Format : STL
    Operating System : Windows 7 and above
    Language : English/Chinese
    Connectors : USB
    Main Frame : Aluminum alloy and plastic case
    Packing Dimension : 340*340*550mm
    Net Weight : 6.5 kg
    Gross Weight : 8.2 kg
    Build Volume : 120*65*138mm
    Printing Precision : 47μm
    Printing Speed : 5-10s / layer
    Layer Thickness : 40-100μm
    Precision : Z
    Working Condition :
    Temperature : 0-40℃
    Humidity : 5-80%
    Recommended Filament :
    Printing Material : 405nm photosensitive resin
  • Anet

  • 3D Printer

  • Type D

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