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CR-5 Pro


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Creality announces the launch of a new FFF desktop 3D printer. CR-5 Pro. It is designed to be a consumer-friendly machine that incorporates a number of important features that make it fit for families, schools, and individual makers.

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  •  Composed of a cartesian axis system, CR-5 Pro is more rigid and accurate than a delta or polar configuration.
  •   Enclosed Build Chamber: CR-5 Pro will be quite outstanding with an all-metal chamber in white. Transparent Acrylic plates are added on the front, right and left sides, which is convenient to monitor real-time printing and helpful for maintaining the temperature within the print area.
  •   A top enclosure is optional for a DIY upgrade to make the machine completely sealed.
  •   Utilizing a single Bowden extrusion system as the filament feeding mechanism. CR-5 Pro ensures such a stable filament transmission through a PTFE tube to the nozzle in the hot end, meanwhile, allows users to increase print speed and precision, not burdened a heavy hot end. Moreover, the hot end is upgraded to a newly designed nozzle structure with a powerful cooling fan, which makes it more possible to 3D print flexible filaments like ABS and TPU.
  •   Furthermore, the electrical component on CR-5 Pro includes a silent motherboard with the ATMEL 2560 master chip to guarantee smooth motion, effective heat dissipation, and precise voltage control. The quality 24V/350W MeanWell power supply supports voltage adjustment between 115V and 230V, promoting rapid heating-up and electric safety at the same time. CR-5 Pro leaves users with a silent and safe printing experience.
    Technology : cr 5 pro
    Build Size : 300x225x380mm
    Print Resolution : ±0.1mm
    Nozzle Diameters : 0.4mm
    Nozzle Count : one
    Max. Nozzle Temp : 250℃
    Max. Print Bed Temp : 110℃
    Printing Materials : PLA, ABS, PETG, flexibles
    Filament Dia : 1.75mm
    XY-axis Precision : 0.012mm
    Z-axis Precision : 0.001mm
    Max Print Speed : 100-120mm/sec
    Auto Levelling : NA
    Print Bed Removeable : NA
    Supported files : .stl , .obj , .amf
    Camera : NA
    Connectivity : SD Card, online USB
    Machine size : 530x487x612mm
    Machine weight : 32.5kg
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