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Dora Mini
Product Type 3D Printer
Brand Name Easy 3D
Power Plug Type D

Dora Mini

This is a compact and user-friendly 3D printer from 3 dea. It features automatic and simple user interface to allow young and budding enthusiasts to take a leap into the exciting world of 3D printing. It can be an amazing gift to children to enhance their creativity. It is portable and features transparent window for accurate and stable process.


  •   Very light, carry and go.
  •  One key printing, press the print button gently after TF card is inserted, NANO prints automatically after warm-up.
  •  With detachable magnetic platform, experience new fun.
  •   Complete machine 3D printer, simple operation and convenient.
  •  With transparent window,dust-proof and quiet.
  •   Suitable for household education use or DIY amateurs, and also suitable for students 10 years and older.
  •  For those wanting to use a more advanced software to customise printer behaviour and slice models we would recommend Cura. Certificate: CE,FCC,RoHs Because ABS consumables print, it will produce a large plastic burning smell, which will cause slight pollution and damage to the human body.

Price : 12,506

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Technical Specifications

3D printing specifications
Print technology FFF - (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Manual Printing volume 235 x 250 x 165 [mm]
Layer resolution 0.05 - 0.4 [mm]
Minimum wall thickness 0.4 [mm]
Dimensional accuracy of the fabricated model +/- 0.2 [mm]
Platform calibration Manual
Nozzle temperature max. 250 [°C]
Build plate temperature max. 125 [°C]
Filament diameter 1.75, 3.00 [mm]
Nozzle diameter 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 [mm]
Connectivity USB, Ethernet, SD card
Printable materials PLA, ABS, PET, nylon, PVA, HIPS, ASA, TPE, PP, PC
Third party filaments YES
Printing speed 40 [mm/s]
Travel speed 120 [mm/s]
Laser cutting and engraving specifications
Cutting/engraving volume 235 x 250 x 85 [mm]
Laser spot size for 50mm 0.1 x 0.1 [mm]
Laser spot size for 80 mm 0.1 x 0.18 [mm]
Wavelength 450 [nm]
Laser class 4
Laser power 2.8 [W]
Cutting/engraving speed 1 - 15 [mm/s]
Travel speed 120 [mm/s]
Cutting/engraving materials Wood, wood-like, leather, paper, cardboard, felt, foil, laminate, EPP, EVA Foam, CCL FR4
Milling specifications
Spindle power 300 [W]
Cutting volume 235 x 250 x 85 [mm]
Cutting speed 0.1 ~ 20 [mm/s]
Milling materials ABS, nylon, HDPE, PTFE, PC, PP, POM, PMMA, PVC, HIPS, LDPE, PET, carbon fiber, ccl fr4, dibond, tcf, wood, plywood, wood fiber boards, aluminum, brass, copper, cardboard, machining wax, modeling board, styrodur

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