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Zortrax Inkspire
Product Type 3D Printer
Brand Name Zortrax
Power Plug Type D

Zortrax Inkspire

Resin 3D printing is a technology perfect for professionals working in fields where very small yet incredibly detailed models are needed. The precision and speed of Zortrax Inkspire makes it a game changing tool for engineers, dentists and jewelers among others.


  •  Surgical precision-The XY resolution is 50x50 microns with minimal layer height of only 25 microns.
  •  Consistent speed-High speed of printing is maintained regardless of how much of the workspace is used.
  •  Results repeatability-Industrial build quality ensures consistent dimensional accuracy over multiple prints.
  •  Easy supports removal-Supports can get additional UV light exposure to make them harder and easier to remove.
  •  Wide resins compatibility-All available resins that can be cured by light with 405 nm wavelength are supported.

Price : 190,678

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Technical Specifications

Brand zortrax
Machine Inkspire
Technique LCD/MSLA
 Printing Volume 132 x 74 x 175 mm
Light Source 405nm
XY-Axis Resolution 25um
Z-Axis Resolution 25-100Micron
Printing Speed 20mm/H
Power 50 W
Materials 405nm UV resin
Machine size 315 x 312 x 530 mm
Display Control 4-inch touch screen
Recommended Slicer Z-SUITE
File types .stl, .obj, .dxf, .3mf, .zcodex
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Weight 9.2 kg

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