Tessco BC-205

Brand: Tessco

Rs. 469
    • The Tessco BC-205 4.4A Multi USB Travel Charger (Four Port USB) 4.4A is a device which allows charging of more than one gadget in a single time. With an output capacity of 4.4 Amp gets rid of sibling fights for the charger on long trips and a solution to keep your kids engaged.

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Brand : Tessco
Model Number : BC 205
Type : Wall USB Charger
Color : WHITE
With Cable : No
Cable Type : Micro USB OR TYPE C OR Lightning
Capacity : 4.4A
Output Interface : Micro USB OR TYPE C OR Lightning
Ports : 4
Warranty : 6 Months

  1.  It is enabled to give protection from over voltage problems
  2.  It does not overcharge the device being charged and hence provides overcharge protection
  3.  A 4 USB slots for charging compatible to both android as well as Apple devices
  4.  A lightweight and compact charger and hence fits in the smallest of places
  5.  Great Built Quality
  6.  Sleek and futuristic design
  7.  Highly efficient charging
  8.  This adapter is perfect for outdoors
  9.  Offers protection from Over-charging, Over-power, Over-current, Over-voltage
  10.  Does not Comes with Cable
  11.  4.4A support
  12.  Four output charger
  13.  6 month warranty.
  14.  4 USB Ports


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