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Anet E16
Product Type 3D Printer
Brand Name Anet
Color Name Black
Power Plug Type D

Anet E16

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  •  More Accurate Printing with 0.4mm nozzle with ±0.1mm high printing accuracy,300*300*400mm super large print size, the separating feeding system reduces the weight and the motion inertia of the extruder, and achieves better printing quality.
  •  Easy and Quick Assembly, Simple and Flexible Operation The complete assembly in 10 minutes, say goodby to complexity and enjoy 3D printing quickly. Whole machine tested, DIY kit shipped, more stable and more convenient. Supports automatically loading and unloading filament function, which is very easy to add or exchange filament,adjustable Y axis belt design, easy to use without limit.
  •  Aluminum substrate heatbed comes with a glass panel, so that the printing is smooth without sharp edge and the model is easy to remove; the mainboard is added designs of over-current protection and short-circuit protection, with smaller current configuration, safer and more reliable.
  •  2040 aluminum alloy frame for accurate and stable printing, dual Y axis guide rods and dual X axis screw rods can reduce vibration of movement; corner bracket and equilateral triangle structure joints with less vibration and uniform stress; V-groove design for high adhesion and small swing.
  •  Compatible with various 1.75mm printing filaments like PLA, ABS, HIPS, etc; widely used in architecture, medical, home decoration, industry, movie and other many fields.

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