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Sparkmaker 3D Printer

Color: Multicolor; Size: 110mm X 61mm X 125 Mm; Package Contents: 1 3d Printer The most affordable full hd sla 3d printer: sparkmaker full hd - an upgraded 3d printer with a 1080p lcd screen, and 4 new types of resins with great features of ultra-clean and good printing. Upgraded printing quality: with the full high definition lcd screen, sparkmaker fhd allows you to print larger size (up to 61.8 x 110 x 125 mm), higher quality, in a faster speed (up to 25 mm/hr). Use right out-of-box: based


  •  Improved print qualitythe 1080p fhd screen is by far the biggest upgrade wow! Implemented in the sparkmaker fhd. The improved lcd panel should improve print quality by giving an xy dimensional resolution of 57 microns instead of the original sparkmaker's 100. However, whether the printer lives up to this, we cannot say as we have not reviewed the machine ourselves yet. App connectivitythough it's still buggy and is not yet available for ios users, the sparkmaker offers an app along with sd card connectivity. According to an update on sparkmaker's kickstarter page, the android app is available (via a dropbox link and not the android app store) and is in the process of being ironed out. Once that version is complete, they'll begin working on the iphone version. That being said, the functionality of the app is fairly limited. It "can only monitor the printing progress and select the printing files in the sd card, " says the company. Sparkstudiothe sparkmaker fhd (and the original sparkmaker) has a dedicated slicer software for windows and mac called sparkstudio.

Price : 37999.00
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Performance Parameters

Technology sla (stereolithography)
molding size 110 x 61. 8 X 125 mm
xy-axis direction accuracy 100 M
z-axis direction accuracy 25-100 M
print material photosensitive resin
single-layer printing time 3 - 12 seconds
stepper motor drive 128 microsteps
pattern generation 1080p
speed 20-25 mm per hour
printer control knob and app
built-in camera for monitoring no
curing ultraviolet light 400 - 405 nm 84w uv led
input power dc 24v 4a 96w software requirements
system requirement windows & ios
connectivity sd card
print file format Fhd
operating software sparkstudio dimensions and weight
physical dimensions 170 x 288 mm
total weight 2. 2 Kg.
Fhd upgrade kit the kit includes 1 x metal tank, 1 x metal panel, 1 x 1080p lcd screen, 1 x mainboard, and 1 x uv backlight.

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