Rotrics DexArm White

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Rotrics DexArm White
Product Type 3D Printer
Brand Name 3Idea
Color Name White

Rotrics DexArm White


  •  THREE SWITCHABLE MODULES - Easy to attach changeable modules with just one click. No need for screws and cables when using this intelligent product
  •  ALL-IN-ONE ROBOT ARM - Dexarm Maker is versatile and can do it all alone. Drawing
  •  and writing, laser engraving and cutting, and 3-d printing
  •  EASY TO USE SOFTWARE - It comes with free interactive software that brings your ideas to reality in just a few clicks. A complete DIY kit
  •  COLORFUL TOUCHSCREEN - 3.5-inch touchscreen allows you to check the status and command Rotrics within your hand
  •  0.05mm HIGH PRECISION - Patented decelerator design reduces the gap between gears, allowing 0.05mm extremely high repeatability. Perfect for industrial applications. Laser Class 4. Power Output 1600 mW

Price : 95,000

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