Junior Series

Customizability to match your creativity

Customizable Revolution

The da Vinci Junior Series has a wide range of printers and add-ons to suit your environment. Select printers with wifi, mixed color, or add laser engraving functionality later on as you grow and develop.

Extruder Module
Laser Engraver Module

Small and Silent

The Junior series is small enough to place on a desktop in your office, classroom or home. It also prints PLA plastic filament - a bio-compostable filament with a low melting point.

Perfect Prints

The Junior series tracks filament length and unique print setting information that comes with all XYZprinting filament to ensure you get perfect prints and never run out of filament mid-print.

Jr Series Range

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Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 A

Good things do come in small packages!

  •  65,499.00

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