Original Series

Time tested, simple to use, powerful printing

The Original

The Original Series feature our trademark printer, the da Vinci 1.0, released in 2014 we have had 4 years to tweak and improve this printer, making it a reliable first-printer.

Plug and Play

This range of printers come pre-assembled and utilize our smart-filament system. With sensors that know the exact settings for printing and can track how much filament you have used - no need to worry about running out of filament mid-print.

Safe and Sound

With an enclosed printing area, all heated parts are hidden during printing, giving you peace-of-mind to leave these printers printIng soundly in the corner.

Original Series Range

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Da Vinci 1.0 A

Reliability meets convenience.

  •  290,000.00
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Da Vinci 2.0 Duo

Double the Nozzle, Triple the Fun!

  •  99,000.00

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