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Meet the completely new EinScan Pro 2X & EinScan Pro 2X Plus, the next generation of handheld 3D scanners with the latest technology. These new models are based on the feedback from thousands of users and the valuable input of SHINING 3D’s own R&D team. Being faster and more accurate than ever before, the portable versatile EinScan Pro 2X & EinScan Pro 2X Plus will improve the efficiency of high-quality 3D modeling.

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  •  With a light weight and compact size, you can easily take the EinScan
  •  Pro 2X or 2X Plus anywhere like a laptop, enjoy plug-and-play installation and unlimited scanning experience
  •  The latest development in data capture hardware and optimized algorithms, make the next generation EinScan Pro 2X series a dramatic
  •  breakthrough in scanning speed, processing up to 1,500,000 points per
  •  second (30 fps) under Handheld Rapid Scan Mode.
  •  Single scan accuracy under Fixed Scan without Turntable Mode is up
  •  to 0.04 mm. When using markers, the volumetric accuracy under handheld scanning modes is up to 0.05mm+0.3mm/m.
  •  The minimum point distance is up to 0.2mm under Handheld Rapid
  •  Scan and Handheld HD Scan modes, generating high resolution 3D
  •  data.
    Model : EinScan Pro 2X
    Single Scan Range : 135*100 mm——225*170 mm
    Working Distance : 400 mm
  • Shinning 3D

  • 3D Scanner

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