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Ein Scan H


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The EinScan H is a portable 3D scanner housing two types of light sources to tackle different scanning applications and needs. Sporting Shining 3D’s LED light scanning technology and an added infrared light source, the scanner is supposed to have the ability to precisely capture data from traditionally difficult objects such as hair – making it particularly suitable for body and facial scanning. The EinScan H provides hybrid infrared and LED light scanning, creating a solution for difficult-to-scan surfaces while delivering high-quality full-color 3D data within minutes.

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  •  Features
  •  HYBRID LIGHT SOURCE: Both of the newly released EinScan models feature two different light sources. The EinScan H combines both an infrared light source and Shining 3D’s own proven LED source, with the latter specifically suited for the rapid scanning of objects or bodies without the need for marker preparation.
  •  FAST SCANNING: The EinScan H can scan up to 1,200,000 points twenty times per second when in object and body modes, and up to 720,000 points when scanning faces. In combination with a maximum field of view (FOW) of 420 x 440 mm, the scanner seems particularly suited to fast 3D scanning of large objects. According to Shining3D, a full-body scan – face included – can be done in under two minutes.
  •  DETAIL: The EinScan H has a claimed scanning accuracy of 0.25mm, with an accuracy of scanned data up to 0.05 mm and volumetric accuracy as high as 0.05 mm per meter. In combination with the scanner’s inbuilt full-color camera, the EinScan H is equipped to tackle textures, in addition to geometries. Various post-processing functions, ranging from data simplification to hole filling, smoothing, sharpening, measuring, and movement, should allow you to get the best out of your scans.
  •  Plug & Play: Despite its capabilities and professional applications, the EinScan H is, Shining 3D claims, plug-and-play.
  •  Intuitive software: Going neatly hand in hand with the hardware’s ease of use is the included Solid Edge Shining 3D edition containing the most important 3D CAD design functions.
  •  Ergonomic design: At 703 g and said to have an ergonomic design, the EinScan H promises a comfortable scanning experien
    can Mode :
    Standard Scan, Body Scan, Face Scan :
    Scan Accuracy :
    Up to 0.05mm (Standard Scan, Body Scan); Up to 0.6mm (Face Scan) :
    Scan & Align Speed :
    1,200,000points/s, 20FPS (Standard Scan, Body Scan); 720,000points/s, 20FPS (Face Scan) :
    Point distance :
    0.25mm-3mm (Standard scan); 0.5mm-3mm (Body scan, Face scan) :
    Camera Frame Rate :
    55FPS :
    Built-in Color Camera :
    Yes :
    Dimension :
    108mm*110mm*237mm :
    Working Distance :
    470mm :
    Recommended Configuration :
    OS : Microsoft Windows10,64-bit Graphics card
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