da Vinci 3D Printer Flexible Filament Mumbai

Flexible Filament - 3D Printing Material

XYZprinting’s Thermoplastic Elastomer is a specially formulated filament that has elastic properties that provide flexible and durable prints. It is non-toxic and completely waterproof, making this a safe and resilient filament for all of your innovative projects.

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da Vinci 3D Printer Flexible Filament Supplier

The Flexible Filament is conveniently stored within an easy-to-use cartridge and uses a chip that enables you to keep track of how much filament the spool has left .

Our Most Exciting Filament Yet

XYZprinting’s Flexible Filament has been tested rigorously to ensure that there are no faults, such as distortion or brittleness, when you print.

XYZprinting’s Flexible Filament adds a whole new dimension to projects, for they compliment ABS and PLA projects well, providing them with the elasticity, durability, and the shock absorbability that they need.

da Vinci Flexible Filament Mumbai

Read Before Using Flexible Filament / Cartridge

Please make sure to have the latest firmware and software installed on your printer and XYZware.

1. Since the Flexible Filament is soft, it heats up at a much lower temperature, which may cause a problem with used extruders. If there is leftover residue on the printer’s extruder, the Flexible Filament will either blend with it, or be obstructed by it. Before printing, it is recommended that another separate extruder for Flexible Filament use only should be prepared. Cleaning the current extruder may work as well, but it is not guaranteed that the filament will not be obstructed.

2. For the optimal printing experience, load the Flexible Filament right before printing. Prepare the desired print in advance and insert the Flexible Filament into the guide tube until the material has reached the drive gear, grasp the release arm, and push the filament downward slightly (about 1 to 2 cm). Once it is insert it, let go of the release arm and run “LOAD FILAMENT.”

3. To make it easier for the printer, it is best if the filament is loosened a few meters out of the cartridge. Since the filament is flexible, this method will prevent the motor from struggling to pull the filament, which will cause it to bend. If the filament bends, it can lead to a clog. Once the filament is loosened, do not attempt to put it back in the spool, for it can cause the filament in the spool to get stuck.

4. Lastly, apply UHU glue stick (yellow tube) on the print bed before printing for better adhesion. Once your print is complete, be sure to remove the Flexible Filament immediately and repeat #2 when you’re ready to print again.


Glass Temperature
70° C (158° F)
Nozzle Temperature
235° C (455° F)
Filament Diameter
1.72 mm
Filament Weight(N.W.)
500g (17.64 Oz.)
Shipping Weight(G.W.)
1.15kg / 2.54lbs
Operating System
Windows 7+ (Mac OS coming soon)
※ Product features, price and specification are subject to change without notice.

※ This warranty does not cover problems that arise from parts or supplies(filament) not provided by XYZprinting