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DC-260 ( 3 IN 1 ) white


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Tessco DC 260 3.4A Car Charger 2 USB Micro USB Car Charger comes with 3 in 1 cable Type C + Micro USB + LIGHTNING (Iphone)

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  •  The most popular charger among the masses has acquired high credibility due to its sturdiness which makes it useful for everyday charging of any of your electronic devices.
  •  The most important thing that you need to have on your checklist if you are planning a long trip is the Tessco DC-260 Car Charger (3.4 A Output) and to top it off it will help you settle fights over who gets to charge their device first as this is a dual output charger and two devices can be charged at the same time.
  •  Providing reliable performance, which is suitable for long drives, Tessco DC-260 Multi USB Car Charger is a dual output car charger that can quickly and efficiently charge two devices at a time. This product has a long list of compatible devices some of which are
    Brand : Tessco
    Model Number : DC 260
    Type : Car Charger
    Color : WHITE
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