Z-Axis Extension Module for Snapmaker Original

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Z-Axis Extension Module for Snapmaker Original

This product is specially designed for Snapmaker Original, currently incompatible with Snapmaker 2.0. It will not fit in the Enclosure V1.1. Length: 368 mmThe Z-Axis Extension Module is a unique addon for our first generation product. It's 96mm longer than the Original Z-Axis, and it can increase the build volume of your Snapmaker Original by 76%!With the Z-Axis Extension Module, you can use your Snapmaker to print taller projects than the original size, providing more possibilities for your cr


  •  Snapmaker Original
  •  Z-axis Extension Module

Price : 9782.00
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Performance Parameters

Dimensions 48 x 48 x 368 mm
Effective Length 221 mm
Applicable Product Snapmaker Original 3 in 1 3D printer

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