1600mW Laser Cutting Module for Snapmaker Original

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1600mW Laser Cutting Module for Snapmaker Original

This product is specially designed for Snapmaker Original, currently incompatible with Snapmaker 2.0. 

The Snapmaker Laser Cutting Module (1600mW) is an ideal option when it comes to upgrading the Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer to a mini laser cutter.

• Laser Cutting
Laser cuts many kinds of thin materials: wood, leather, cardboard and more.

• Full Compatibility
Interchangeable with the 3D Printing Mo


  •  Upgrade makes differences.
  •  Advanced

Price : 12746.00
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Performance Parameters

Laser 1600 mW 445nm Laser Diode
Safety Class Class 4
Supported File Types SVG, JPEG, PNG, etc.
Supported Processing Method Vector Engraving, Raster Engraving
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃ (-4F~122F)
Continuous Operating Time ≤ 5 hours
Weight About 275 g (0.6 lbs)
Supported Materials Wood, bamboo, leather, plastic, film, fabric, felt, paper, non-transparent acrylic, food, etc.
Nonsupported Materials Metal, glass, gem, transparent materials, reflective materials, etc.

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