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The stable, metal B2 Gravity Bracket car holder is another product in a series of car accessories supplied by a well-known manufacturer, the Neekin brand - part of the Nillkin group.

  •  The handle is made on the plan of the letter "Y" which, apart from its unique appearance, ensures very good stability of the device being held.
  •  The device is mounted on the air supply grille, thanks to which, unlike traditional car handles, it does not block the field of view.
  •  It is also worth mentioning the unique gravity system for locking the phone in the holder - it works on the principle of a spring that automatically presses the arms of the holder to the smartphone being held.
  •  Neekin products belong to a separate product line of the Nillkin brand, which is focused on providing high-quality accessories for automotive use. These are, among others, holders for mobile devices, network chargers and car video recorders.
    Model : B2 Vehicle Gravity
    Color element : Black
    Destiny : to the ventilation grille
    Type : gravitational
    Inductive charging : no
    Minimum phone size : 4.0 inches
    Maximum phone size : 6.5 inches
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  • Mayur Pawar

    2021-03-09 22:27:06

    Quality Product

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