Coffee Printer 4 CUP - RED

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Coffee Printer 4 CUP - RED
Product Type Coffee Printers
Brand Name 3Idea
Color Name Red

Coffee Printer 4 CUP - RED


  •  It can print on all the drinks with froth like Coffee, Beer, Milkshakes,etc also it can print on food products like chocolates, muffins, cookies, small cakes, etc.
  •  The 600x600 DPI ensures very high print quality.
  •  The ink is produced by special ink supplier, it's food grade edible ink, also we have Test Report for this edible ink, so this ink can get in any market easier.
  •  The printer is very easy to operate, we will have video and training details, also we provide online after-sales service.

Price : 82,282

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Technical Specifications

Print size 20*20CM, 5CM
Printing accuracy 720*720 DPI (common accuracy), up to 5760*1440 DPI (slow speed)
Printing method Automatic printing
Nozzle technology Piezoelectric long-acting nozzle.
Ink Edible ink Color CMYK four-color printing
Printing speed 30 seconds/cup (720*720DIP, 4 colors, diameter 80mm, high-speed printing)
Ink System continuous ink supply
Working environment Temperature 16℃-30℃, humidity
Working voltage 110-220v
Computer operating system supports windows7 and windows10
Printer weight 26KG
Printer size 46cm*width 43cm*height 52cm
Package Dimension 58.5cm*width 49.5cm*height 52cm
Weight 33.5KG

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