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Coffee Printer 1 CUP
Product Type Coffee Printers
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Coffee Printer 1 CUP

Package included: 1x KOPYBAKE 3D Coffee Printer 2x Edible Ink (Bottle) ✔ By using good tasting edible ink, this fantastic Kopybake printer makes your customized latte art within 10 to 20 seconds. ✔ As long as you know how to use you mobile phone, you will be able to print any of your favorite pictures on top of coffee, milk, milkshake, hot chocolate, even cakes, you name it. ✔ All you need to do is to scan a simple bar-code to upload the picture to the printer, like shopping in Safeway, nice and easy. Specifications: INKJET PRINTING Printer Head Version: HP Printer Head Ink Type: Edible Food Ink, color C M Y K Print Speed: 10-20 S/Cup Print Height: 0-18CM Print Area: 11*11CM Size Power Rate: 10W Ink Supply System: 2 Separate Cartridges,1 For Black Ink,1 For C M Y Ink Software: Customize Software support Windows xp, Win7, Win8, Win10 System. Inside software,we can take picture and edit image and its size, upload picture or use the picture inside library. Height Adjust System: Automatic, Automatic Adjust, Controlled by Infrared Ray Printer Weight: 28KG Priner Size: 41*43*47CM Working Condition: 10℃- 35℃,Humidity 20%-80% Applications: Print on Drinks like coffee, milk, milkshake, and also print on foods like chocolate, cookies, Small Cake etc.


  •  1.Automatic height adjustment makes the printing speed more fast,and 3s printing speed for a cup of coffee.
  • printer with edible ink can directly print on the cake,coffee, macaron, cookies...  It is very simple to operate this machine. Just normal workers can operate it well after brief training.
  •  3. Low cost of printing image, less procedures of production. You can take pictures at the scene directly through the camera to print with the coffee printer with edible ink.
  •  4. Max. height of object 18cm.  And the tray could move automatically to  have a sense for the printed item.

Price : 53,526

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