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Z-PETG White


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Z-PETG is an industrial grade material which offers outstanding impact strength, resistance to chemicals and UV rays. Z-PETG is the best choice for prototyping complex mechanisms, automotive parts, and manufacturing tools that are expected to undergo crash tests or resist oils and greasy substances.

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  •  Industrial tools and parts
  •  Parts required to be resistant to salts, acids, alkalis, solvents, greases, and oils
  •  Mechanical components
  •  Working mechanisms
  •  Crash tests
  •  Packaging prototypes
  •  Containers and casings.
    Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
    Spool Size : 0.8kg Spool
    Density : 1.195 g/cm³
    Composition : PETG – 96% ; Additives and colorants – 0 ~ 4%
  • Zortrax

  • 3D Filaments

  • White

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