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Zortrax Z-PLA White


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Z-PLA filament guarantees precise 3D printing of complex models. This biodegradable 3D printing material is made of environment-friendly components. Z-PLA is perfect for models with superior details and exceptionally smooth surface. High hardness and very low shrinkage make the material well suited for 3D printing high-quality parts, and consumer goods. Z-PLA is also a popular choice for 3D printing architectural mock-ups and complex educational models. The eco-friendly filament works with Z-SUPPORT Premium BVOH-based filament and Zortrax DSS Station offering hassle-free support removal.

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  •  Extra smooth surface of Z-PLA makes it ideal for 3D printing architectural mock-ups and educational aids. Save time on post-processing and get the stunning results right away.
  •  Make use of the superior accuracy and very low shrinkage of Z-PLA material to 3D print highly detailed conceptual models and consumer products.
  •  Z-PLA 3D printing material is based on polylactic acid which makes it biodegradable and compatible with water-soluble Z-SUPPORT Premium filament.
    Tensile Strength : 47.95 MPa
    Bending Stress : 56.80 MPa
    Glass Transition Temperature : 57.06° C
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