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Zortrax Z Support ATP Filament


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Z-SUPPORT ATP is a soluble support filament designed with high thermal stability in mind. Unlike materials based on PVA or BVOH, it does not dissolve in water but in a mild alkaline solution containing Z-SUPPORT ATP Activator. By dispensing with solubility in pure water, the material has been made a lot less sensitive to ambient moisture.

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  •  Z-SUPPORT ATP does not dissolve in pure water, so it absorbs a lot less moisture than PVA or BVOH-based materials.
  •  Z-SUPPORT ATP enables printing geometrically complex models as it can be easily removed from almost inaccessible places.
  •  Submerged in a mild alkaline created with Z-SUPPORT ATP Activator, the material dissolves completely leaving no remnants on the model.
    Manufacturer : Zortrax
    Material : Z-SUPPORT ATP
    Diameter of filament : 1.75
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