Multicolor PLA Filament Set of 16

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Multicolor PLA Filament Set of 16
Product Type Filaments
Brand Name 3Idea
Color Name Multi - Colour

Multicolor PLA Filament Set of 16



  •  The filament for 3D pen can be worked at wide temperatures, the extrusion temperature of the PLA filament ranges from 180 to 210°C
  •  PLA is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe and harmless, it is the best option for children's crafts and adult art.
  •  16 different colors, which allow greater freedom and possibility for realization artistic.
  •  Filament diameter: 1.75 mm; length by color: 5 meters. Controlled laser extrusion process guaranteed by extremely thick and precise diameter. Smooth, do not bend and are reliable.
  •  Fully compatible with various 3D pens and 3D printers that require a 1.75mm diameter filament. Free your imagination and start creating right away!

Price : 861

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Technical Specifications

Brand Name 3 idea Imagine Create Print
Model Number 16 Multi-Color
Part Number 3IDEA-5M-16CLR-FILAMNT
Number of Items 1
Style 16 Multi-Color

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