eSUN Filadryer White

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eSUN  Filadryer White
Product Type Filaments
Brand Name eSun
Color Name White

eSUN Filadryer White


  •  Designed to keep filament dry and dehumidify various kind of filaments, especially those moisture sensitive filaments, improve effect of your 3D model and achieve a good printing experience.
  •  eBOX can storage your filaments and keep them dry.
  •  Made of high temperature resistant material, it can bake your filament at a designated temperature for hours.
  •  Provide a dry storage environment for 3D printer filament.
  •  Freely set the drying heating time, temperature and empty disc weight for your needs.
  •  Monitor the temperature inside the box and remaining material weight timely. 5 modes for you to choose.
  •  Sealed protection, comprehensive dust-proof and no impurities.
  •  With Special tank for dryer bag and Anti-slip foot pad, which is convenient for recycling. '
  •  Equipped with LED screen, the light can be turned off automatically to save power.
  •  Compatible with most of 3d printing filament of diameters 1.75mm/2.85mm/3.00mm.
  •  You can adjust the temperature of dryer box according to different 3D filament material, ambient temperature, humidity and other factors.

Price : 5,599

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