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Kilobot is a low-cost, easy-to-use robotic system for advancing development of “swarms” of robots that can be programmed to perform useful functions by coordinating interactions among many individuals. These swarms are inspired by social insects, such as ant colonies, that can efficiently search for and find food sources in large complex environments, collectively transport large objects, and coordinate the building of nests and bridges in such environments.

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  •  32 KB Flash used for both user program and bootloader, 1KB EEPROM for storing calibration values and other non-volatile data and 2KB SRAM
  •  Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V, for a 3 months autonomy in sleep mode. About 2.5 hours in standard use with motors.
  •  Each Kilobot has a built-in charger, which charges the onboard battery when +6 volts isapplied to any of the legs, and GND is applied to the charging tab.
  •  Kilobot charger (optional). Time for charge is about 3 hours
  •  Kilobots can communicate with neighbors up to 7 cm away by reflecting infrared (IR)
  •  light off the ground surface.
    Processor : ATmega 328p (8bit @ 8MHz)
    Memory : ○ 32 KB Flash / ○ 1KB EEPROM
    Battery / autonomy : Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V / 3-10 hours continuously, 3 months in sleep mode
    Charging : Kilobot charger for 10 robots simultaneously (optional)
    Communication : IR (up to 7cm, up to 32kb/s and 1kbyte/s with 25 robots), serial (256000 baud)
    Sensing : 1 IR and 1 light intensity
    Movement : forward, rotation (1cm/s , 45deg/s)
    Light : one RGB led
    Software : Kilobot Controller software for controlling the robot
    Programming : C language with WinAVR compiler combined with Eclipse or the online Kilobotics editor
    Dimensions : diameter
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