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Motherboard for Anet ET4 3D Printer


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Anet ET4 3D Printer Motherboard Control Board 32bit Auto Leveling Filament Missing Remind Resume Printing 3D Printer Part

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  •  Using 32-bit high-speed ARM chip as the main control chip STM32F407, the main frequency is up to 168MHz, compared with mega 2560 (16MHZ), the data processing capacity is faster.
  •  The use of high-quality MOSFET tube has better heat dissipation effect.
  •   Special power supply is used. The chip supports 12-24V power input.
  •  The power of the same system can reduce the current of the hot bed to 1/4, which effectively solves the problem of MOS tube heating.
  •  ‚óŹ Industrial-grade chipset, printing is more accurate and faster, with over-current protection, overload protection, over-temperature protection, over-temperature alarm and other safety functions. (Automatically turns off the heating switch)
  •  Support offline upgrade function, copy the upgrade file to the memory card, insert 3D printer to complete the program upgrade.
  •   The TMC2208 motor driver chip is built into the motherboard, replacing the A4988. Ultra-quiet, low resonance, 256 micro-step subdivision, realize stepper motor without noise, low jitter, and no step loss during operation.
    size : 90x 70 mm
    microprocessor : STM32F407
    Input voltage : 8v-35v
    motor driver : TMC2208
    Touch screen : 2.8 inch color touch screen
    firmware update : support offline upgrade function
    resume printing : yes
    filament detection : yes
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