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  Hot bed  ANET A8
Product Type Spare Parts
Brand Name Anet
Color Name White

Hot bed ANET A8

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Anet A8 MK3 12V Hotbed Aluminum Heated Bed Upgraded from MK2B & MK2A for 3D Printer Hotbed


  •  the whole board full gold process, the cost is much higher than the spray tin plate!
  •   the whole board after an optical short circuit, open circuit detection.
  •   heating table and aluminum substrate into one, better temperature stability.
  •   the new circuit, power supply power stability.

Price : 1,157

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Technical Specifications

Product resistance 12V voltage, the resistance of 1.2 ohms
Product voltage 12V
Product Size 220mm * 220mm * 3mm hole spacing 214mm
Product process aluminum plate
Product color black on the back, positive silver white
Product thickness 3mm

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