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Product Type 3D Printer
Brand Name Geetech
Power Plug Type D




  •  With a build volume of 320*320*420 mm, A30 enables you to print large-size 3D models.
  •  A30 prints at the accuracy of 0.05mm and at the speed of 80-110mm/s, able to deliver items with nice surface and strong structure. The building platform is of good adhesion, freeing you from the headache of first layer warping.
  •   A30 supports auto-leveling function with a capacitive proximity sensor (optional add-on), ensuring that the printout has a flat first layer and strong structure.

Price : 40,316

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Technical Specifications

Technology; FDM/FFF
Build Size 320 x 320 x 420 mm
Print Resolution 100µm To 300µm
Nozzle Diameters 0.4 mm
Nozzle Count 1
Max. Nozzle Temp 250 ℃
Max. Print Bed Temp 110 ℃
Printing Materials PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, Wood
Filament Dia 1.75 mm
XY-axis Precision 0.11mm
Z-axis Precision 0.0025mm
Max Print Speed 110 mm/s
Auto Levelling Yes
Print Bed Removeable Yes
Supported files STL, OBJ, JPG
Camera No
Connectivity SD card, Wifi (optional
Machine size 508 x 616 x 631 mm
Machine weight 11Kg

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