ANET VP05 3D Pen

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ANET VP05 3D Pen
Product Type 3D Pen
Brand Name Anet
Color Name Blue
Power Plug Type D

ANET VP05 3D Pen

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Anet New arrival 3D Printing pen super Low temperature 3D pen for kids drawing–Anet VP01 3D Pen.


  •  Great Gift for Kids and Adults: 3D Printing Pen is a creative gift for kids that helps children to improve their spatial thinking, cultivate creation, artistic skills, and encourage their imagination. It's also a great way for parents and children to spend quality time together.
  •  Convenient to drawing: USB port power supply, Can be charged by mobile power bank, computer, laptop. Convenient to use. (Make sure that the current is 5V/2A).
  •  Environmentally friendly: We provide 2 rolls 5 meters 1.75mm PCL filament. Compared to ABS and PLA, the PCL filament is more eco-friendly, it is a corn based plastic that is considered safer by 3D print enthusiasts. Melting is non-toxic, odorless, which is safer than ABS and PLA. Suggestion: Please do not use other manufacturers’ filament, so as not to cause incompatibility.
  •  Ergonomic Design: comfortable grip for either hand, allowing you to literally draw in the air.
  •  Adjustable Temperature / Speed: 3 printing temperature modes and printing speed modes adjustable, Advanced LCD screen clearly display the corresponding speed: low speed, medium speed, high speed, you can choose the appropriate mode according to painting. LCD screen lets you monitor temperature of material and extrusion speed when you enjoy drawing 3D model.

Price : 1,732

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Technical Specifications

Brand Name Anet
Number of Items 1
Part Number A-0075
Colour Blue
Style VP05

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