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3D Printing in Architecture

Architects, Engineers, and Construction (AEC) professionals understand the paramount importance of accurate and tangible scale models. It helps them and their clients visualize ideas realistically and vividly. Traditional ways of designing and assembling scale-models are tedious, costly, and rely heavily on handful skilled craftsmen.

3D printing is set to revolutionise the way architects explore designs and innovate. 3D printing for architects empowers them easily create complex, accurate and durable scale models quickly and cost-effectively. Magnificent 3D printed architectural scale models can help architects impress their clients create and seize more opportunities. All of this can be done in-house, in a matter of clicks.

Benefits of 3D Printing in Architecture

Many leading scale model makers as well architectural firms have already reaped the benefits of 3D printing in architecture. 3D printed architectural scale models effectively convey the final appearance of design making design tangible leaving a lasting visual impression. 3D printing for architects offers the following advantages.

Saves Time and Money

One of the major benefits of 3D printing for architects is time-saving and cost-effectiveness. Unlike the traditional ways, 3D printed architectural scale models can be developed in matter of hours. Conventional methods require many days, many man-hours and skilled craftsmen, thus adding to the cost.

Seamless Integration

Most architectural firms already have in-house design teams using CAD applications. 3D printer can easily communicate with these applications to render scale models accurately, without introducing human-errors, thereby integrating seamlessly in the design process.

Added Design Possibilities

3D printers allow architects to design freely without worrying about human-errors being introduced in the final output. 3d printed architectural scale models are immaculately accurate. This freedom empowers architects to push the boundaries of design while having the possibility of rendering multiple-copies faster than ever.

Better Perspective

No amount of drawings, blueprints, or digital 3D models can emulate the “real-life” perspective offered by 3D printed architectural scale models. Architects can identify, test and assess the scale-model for design flaws taking correctional measures before construction. These visually appealing scale models can also be leveraged in promotions and presentations to clients.

Disclaimer : The following videos are not promote any brand or model but to just highlight the uses of 3d Printing Globally.

Case Study Architecture

Skyline Architects specializes in designing and developing the best structures. It is primarily an Architectural Firm. They are best in their work and have set of clients and building more and more. They have their own designing facility and dealing in industrial products such as interior designing, plans and layouts.

They had gotten a project to design a Police Headquarter. They were always making models of their structures through the manual labor with materials such as thermocol, cardboard, plaster of paris, ceramic, etc. They had not moved into any new technology yet because they were unaware of it. Few of their structures were very complex to design it through manual labor hence finding it difficult to finish the task in hand in time.

We approached and connected with them. Our first task was to educated and introduce them to 3D Printing technology, its products and the benefits. They understood this methodology of creating prototypes and structure modeling though 3D printing designing tools which earlier they found it difficult to manual do it were now very easy to create and recreate. Printing these designs though 3D Printers were very easy and faster with quality output. 3D Printing benefited them not only in time reduction but also turns out to be cost saving.