3D Pen Series

Lite, easy to handle, and mobile, our 3D pens are an ideal first-step for your kids into the realm of 3D printing.

Kid Friendly

An intuitive design, big buttons and its compact size, make the 3D pen series great for kids. Show them how the pen works and then let them figure out the ins and outs of drawing with a 3D pen by themselves.


Encourage Creativity

The 3D pen series are a great for introducing your kids to the wonders of 3D printing. Let them learn about the limits of drawing with a 3D pen by actively creating and problem solving along the way.

Environmentally Conscious Materials

Print PLA with the 3D Pen or PCL with the 3D Pen Cool, both are biocompostable plastics making them perfect for making temporary creations that you won’t feel bad about later.

3D Pen Series Range

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3idea Multi-Color 3D Pen

Spark Creativity

  •  2,499.00
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XYZPrinting Cool Tip Pen

Fuel Creativity

  •  6,500.00
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XYZPrinting Da Vinci 3D Pen

Fuel Creativity

  •  2,499.00

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