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Sermoon D1


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Modular Structure with enclosed printing design. The easy hand-assembled procedure with DIY fun. The silver-grey colour, arc edge and smooth lines simple appearance leaves a lasting impression.

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  •  The transparent design with the aluminum alloy frame allows the print to be viewed from all sides.
  •  The Build volume is 280 x 260 x 310 mm. The double Z-axis, the T-double screw rod, the V-wheel synchronous component and the XY synchronous bearing ensure overall high precision and stability.
  •  The Sermoon D1 FDM 3D printer processes materials such as PLA, ABS and TPU. The 3D printer can be easily controlled via a 4.3 inch touchscreen display.
  •  The Silicon carbide glass platform heats evenly, prevents distortion and allows easy removal of the printed object.
    Manufacturer : Creality
    Model : Sermoon D1
    Product Dimensions : 50 x 50 x 53.1 cm; 26.5 Kilograms
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