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We at 3Idea Technology have collaborated with XYZ Printing-the company that holds the largest share in the 3D printing market-in providing users with a great value proposition with its range of 3D printers, 3D scanners, consumables-PLA/ABS filaments, normal/castable photopolymer resins-and 3D pens that will leave you amazed!

The advantage of being part of the 3Idea Ecosystem is the flexibility to choose from an extensive range of most affordable 3D printing paraphernalia, all of which find varied applications in healthcare, education, component manufacturing sector and jewelry designing.


Our major 3D printing products that you would love to check out...

3D Printers Suppliers In Mumbai

3D Printers

Get ready for an unrivalled printing experience with 3Idea Technology’s range of affordable 3D printers. Our SLA 3D printers are available at a starting price of Rs.1, 99,000 while FDM 3D printers are available at a starting price of Rs. 39,000. Both make use of the latest technology and are characterized by High Resolution and Accuracy. They are designed to meet your every expectation in terms of quality. Take your printing ambitions to greater heights with 3Idea Technology’s 3D printers.

3D Scanner Suppliers India

3D Scanners

Hand-Held 3D scanners by 3Idea Technology provide users with highly accurate 3D scans in the quickest possible time. We are the leading suppliers and distributors of Hand Held 3D scanners that incorporate 3D scanning technology in its most basic form to allow scans that boast of a smooth and textured appearance. Available at a starting price of Rs. 25,000, 3D scanners by 3Idea Technology are the most preferred for a diverse range of applications by users.

3D Pen Supplier Mumbai

3d Pen

3Idea Technology brings to you standard size 3D pens in a range of colors at a starting price of Rs. 6,500. Breathe new life into your artistic works with our range of highly advanced 3D pens that are slim, easy to use and are loaded with a host of features that include adjustable speed & temperature, intelligent standby function and integrated cartridge design, amongst others.

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