Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro 3D Scanner

Brand: Creality

Rs. 46,799
    The Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro 3D Scanner boasts revolutionary anti-shake tech, countering hand tremors in 3D scanning. It guarantees precision even with unsteady hands. Traditional shaky-hand issues leading to inaccurate models are eliminated. Ideal for precision-demanding sectors like engineering, design, and healthcare. It employs real-time stabilization to counter hand movements, ensuring seamless and precise scans, making it invaluable for accuracy-driven professionals and enthusiasts.


Weight : 105g
Size : 120x30x26cm
Frame rate/scan speed : Up to 30 fps
Scanning area : 560-820mm
Accuracy : 0.1mm
Resolution : 0.16mm
Scanning distance : 150-170mm

  1.  Anti-shake Tracking: New one-shot 3D imaging technology makes scanning smooth even with shaky hands, dramatically increasing the scanning success rate.
  2.  Scan Black/Metal Objects Without Spraying: Without scanning spray, you can scan cars, car parts, tires, and other black/metal objects to get the desired model effect.
  3.  24-bit Full-color Scanning: Built-in 2MP high-resolution color camera captures full-color 3D models, displaying the original colors and bringing every intricate detail to life. In addition, a unique face mapping algorithm restores detailed features of the face to get a vivid model.
  4.  Easy to Get Started: With just one click, you can effortlessly model after scanning without complex scanning knowledge. Novices can quickly commence their journey and swiftly obtain the desired scanning model

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