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Get all your doubts and questions cleared by going through this FAQ page that answers all queries.We have segmented the questions according to their specifics to turn your activity effortless and less time consuming.

  • A digital 3D image created on a computer is analyzed and divided into layers, as if sliced horizontally
  • Each “slice” is produced in succession on the 3D printer, layering on top of each other to gradually produce a whole object
  • There are many different processes that can produce an object in this way, some involving liquid resin, powders or thermoplastic materials
  • 3D prints cost 10 cents per gram. The cost per gram is based on a variety of factors including time, labor, machine wear, and the estimated weight of the print (in grams).
  • 3D prints are purchased with URos (Flex) at the Help Desk in Rettner 201.
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