CreatBot D600 3D Printer

Brand: CreatBot

Rs. 1,493,381
    The CreatBot D600 is truly an impressive manufacturing machine. Its super large and completely closed build space of 600 x 600 x 600 mm is perfect if you like to process advanced filaments like PEEK, Ultem, Nylon, PC or other thermoplasts that need high-temperatures (for example ABS). Realize industrial FFF / FDM 3D prints of complex parts.

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Usable Filament Diameter : 1,75 mm
Nozzle Temperatur Max : 420 °C
Open Filament System : Yes
Extruder Typ : direct drive
Printing Speed Max : 120 mm/s (depends on material)
Build Area : 600 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm
Dual Build Area : 600 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm
Heated Build Plate : Yes

  1.  We exclusively research and develop to find the best fitting solution for you. The extruder feeding system supports high-speed 3D printing. Moreover, the additive manufacturing accuracy can reach high resolution up to 0.05mm. Extrude filament without clogging for good 3D printing quality.
  2.  The whole-steel body not only ensure the stability when 3D printing. It greatly extends the usage period, too. Realize very stable and precise parts thanks to its optimization and cooperation of overall structure. Ensure a sustainable and efficient operation for a long time. The first batch of CreatBot 3D printers have been working for 5 years and more than 8000 hours.
  3.  D600 is a real industrial level 3D printer. It can process parts with a size of 600*600*600mm thanks to its large build volume. CreatBot D600 has a 30 times bigger building space than other ordinary 3D printers in nowadays mass market have.
  4.  The fully enclosed chamber can block all external interference. Furthermore, this frame reduces noises and at the same time provides constant temperature. Your model won't deform. 3D print warp-free now.

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