Ender-3 V2 + Smart Kit

Brand: Creality

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    • Ender-V2 + Smart Kit

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Technology : FDM
Build Size : 220*220*250mm
Print Resolution : 100µm To 400µm
Nozzle Diameters : 0.4mm
Nozzle Count : ONE
Max. Nozzle Temp : 255℃
Max. Print Bed Temp : 110℃
XY-axis Precision : 0.012 mm
Z-axis Precision : 0.004 mm
Max Print Speed : 120mm/s
Auto Levelling : NA
Print Bed Removeable : NA
Supported files : STL,OBJ,G-Code
Camera : NA
Connectivity : USB or SD CARD
Machine size : 475*470*620mm
Machine weight : 7.8kg

  1.  Relative Ease of Use: You will blown away with the quality prints and the relative ease of use. This printer upgrade over the older style Ender 3. New upgraded silent mainboard that you only hear the noise from the fan, Barely no voice. What is more, equipped with MeanWell power supply, produced by the listed company with mature technology, meeting all the needs of fast heating and long-time printing.
  2.  Real-time Monitoring: With a wide angled high definition camera, you can keep an eye on your printer at any place and from anywhere.
  3.  Smooth Workflow: No more running back and forth your computer and printer. With the Creality WiFi Box, slicing and printing can be done wirelessly, it also allows you to control multiple printers in one place, making your workflow smoother.


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