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Ender-3 + bed sticker


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Creality Ender-3 + Creality Bed sticker Combo

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  •  Creality Ender-3 + Creality Bed sticker Combo
  •  EASY REMOVAL OF PRINTS: Simply print on the surface, remove the upper magnetic surface from the lower, bend the flexible surface and watch the model fall right into your hands.
  •  SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Build surface comes with upper magnetic build surface and lower magnetic adhesive base. Place lower 3M adhesive surface on top of normal build plate.
  •  DURABILITY & EASY CLEAN: It is capable to work at 70§C. Easy clean with alcohol
  •  MORE FLAT FOR PRECISION: Super Flatness. Fast and uniform heating. More precise on printing, especially the bottom of the prints
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  • 3D Printer

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