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QQ-S Pro+Filament


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QQ-S Pro is an upgraded version of QQ-S. QQ-S Pro uses a 32-bit motherboard and automatic leveling mode. QQ-S Pro movement system using high-precision linear optical axis with self-lubricating graphite bearing, which can obtain good printing accuracy and quiet effect during high-speed movement. Support offline, USB and WiFi printing modes. The powerful Titan extruder is compatible with many common filaments on the market, and is especially suitable for hard filament such as PLA. The default printing speed of QQ-S Pro is 60mm/s, even running at 100mm/s, better printing quality can be obtained. It also includes PLA filament.

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  •  Printing Size: 255*360
  •  Overall Size: 380x380x780mm
  •  Total Wight: 11.5kg.
  •  Printing Speed: Default 60mm/s Max 100mm/s
  •  Molding Tech: FDM
  •  Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm
  •  Precision: 0.1mm
  •  Filament Support: PLA / ABS/ TPU/ PETG.
  •  Nozzle Type: Single Nozzle.
  •  File Format: STL / OBJ/ AMF.
  •  Slice Software: Cure/ Repetier/ Simplify 3D.
  •  Filament Diameter: 1.75mm.
  •  Working Model: SD Card/ USB/ Wifi.
  •  Nozzle Temperature : 240C
  •  Bed Temperature: 90C
  •  Input Voltage: 115-230V
  •  Leveling Type: Auto-Leveling.
  •  Output Voltage: 24V
  •  Power: 260W
    Printing Size : 255*360
    Overall Size : 380x380x780mm
    Total Wight : 11.5kg.
    Printing Speed : Default 60mm/s Max 100mm/s
    Molding Tech : FDM
    Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm
    Precision : 0.1mm
    Filament Support : PLA / ABS/ TPU/ PETG.
    Nozzle Type : Single Nozzle.
    File Format : STL / OBJ/ AMF.
    Slice Software : Cure/ Repetier/ Simplify 3D.
    Filament Diameter : 1.75mm.
    Working Model : SD Card/ USB/ Wifi.
    Nozzle Temperature : 240C
    Bed Temperature : 90C
    Input Voltage : 115-230V
    Leveling Type : Auto-Leveling.
    Output Voltage : 24V
    Power : 260W
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