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Focus 8.9


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  •  Focus 8.9
  •   Precise • Portable • Speedy • Stable
  •  Flashforge Newest Arrival HD 4K Printer for Dentistry

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    •  1. Wider Application: Equipped with the newest intelligent manufacturing technology developed by Flashforge, Focus 8.9 has been improved immensely in printing size, precision and stability, and is now available for various applications like orthodontics & prosthetics in stomatology.
    •  2. Better Printing Quality: The Z-axis motor system allows the device to have stabler&finer printing performance, as well as service life twice that of common rod motor.
    •  3. Subpixel Compensation: With the subpixel compensation algorithm developed by Flashforge, the prints boast smoother surface texture and higher printing accuracy.
    •  4. Stabler Printing Performance: The optical engine system developed by Flashforge allows the difference in energy distribution to be less than 10%. In this way, more than 90% of the print is promised in its accuracy and success rate is improved by 30%.
    •  5. Increased Output: Focus 8.9 has 97% more print size than traditional DLP printers and can print twenty-one orthodontic dental models at once, twice that of common output.
    •  6. Easier Operation: When importing oral scanning data(stl.), the software will recognize this file,rotate oral scanning dental models first, keep the teeth straight up or down. Click dental model with right mouse to generate dental base.
    •  7. Perfected Solutions: For customers having dental problems, we have a multitude of cases and solutions, where material science & dental experts work out various problems at most considerate service. The device is also compatible with dental resin from common brands. Nextdent, Detax Dreve & Dentona
      Print Speed : 10-50 mm/H
      Build Volume : 192*120*200 mm
      Layer Height : 0.025-0.2 mm (Adjustable)
      XY Resolution : 0.05 mm
      Wavelength : 405 nm
      Z-axis : Industrial Linear Guide + Ball Screw
      Projection Screen : 8.9-inch 4K Monochrome Screen
      Build Plate : Sandblasting (Increased Adhesion) & Drilling (Facilitate Drainage)
      Vat Capacity : 0.5L
      Connectivity : USB
      Rated Power : 320W
      Printer Dimension : 300*300*536 mm
      Touch Screen : 3.5
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