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Creality CR-10 Smart Pro


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  •  Dual Mode CR Touch auto Levelling
  •  LED Lighting
  •  Dual Gear "Sprite" Direct Drive Extruder
  •  Dual Z axis + Dual Diagonal drawbars for Stability
  •  AIoT HD Camera for Remote Monitoring
  •  PEI Coated Spring Steel Magnetic Build Plate
  •  Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, Wood, PA, CF
  •  Print volume: 300*300*400mm

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    •  Multi-mode Networking, Print with Joy - Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/RJ45 are accessible. Connect to Creality Cloud App, abundant models are offered to download. One click to slice, to print and to monitor. Enjoy printing with convenience and joy.
    •  Double Assurance for Leveling - By adopting both the smart and manual leveling modes, the accuracy is guaranteed, enabling worry-free using experience.
    •  AIoT HD Camera for Remote Monitoring - Equipped with AIoT HD camera, you can have a check on the printing model whenever you want, having no restriction on your location or time.
    •  Even Fill-in Light, Environmental-Friendliness - The LED light installed at the top of Z-axis with low power consumption is eco-friendly. The even fill-in light enables a clear observation no matter day or night.
    •  Full-metal Dual-gear Direct Extruder, Stable Performance - Self-developed “Sprite” direct extruder in modularized design enables high precision printing. Excellent performance is maintained when printing with TPU, PA, carbon fiber and so on.
    •  Modularized Structure, Higher Printing Precision - Integrated structure with 7 modules made of aircraft-grade aluminum enables the assembly to be completed in 10 minutes. Gantry together with metal diagonal drawbars, steady enough for high precision outputs.
    •  Tabbed UI Interaction, Easy to Use - 4.3-inch HD full-view screen offers brand new UI interaction. Sensitive touch plus OTA upgrade online, enjoy the ease of use.
    •  Flexible for Model Taking Out - Printing Platform covered by the Spring Steel PEI Magnetic Sheet has good adhesion to models, ensuring steadiness. The sheet is durable and bendable for easier model taking out.
      Molding Technology : FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
      Build Volume : 300 x 300 x 400mm
      Printer Dimensions : 578 x 522 x 648mm
      Packaging Dimensions : 660 x 575 x 290mm
      Net Weight : 13.6kg
      Package Gross Weight : 17kg
      Slicing Software : Creality Slicer / Cura
      Printing Precision : 0.1mm
      Nozzle Diameter : 0.4mm
      Nozzle Material : Chromium zirconium copper
      Extrusion Method : Direct Drive
      Heat-bed Temperature : 100°C
      Nozzle Temperature : 300°C
      Layer Height : 0.1mm-0.4mm
      Print Sheet : Spring Steel PEI Magnetic Sheet
      Rated Power : 350W
      Power Requirement : AC 100 / 240V, DC24V
      Supported Materials : PLA/ TPU/ PETG/ ABS/ Wood/ PA / CF
      Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
      Cloud Platform Support : Creality Cloud
      Display : 4.3-inch HD full viewing angle screen
      Camera : AI Camera
      Print Medium : SD Card/ Wi-fi/ Bluetooth/ RJ45
      Support Languages : English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, & Turkish
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