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Halot One Plus


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Creality Resin 3D Printer, HALOT ONE Plus 3D Printers with 7.9 inches 4K Mono LCD and Ultra high Printing Accuracy, Print Size 172*102*160mm. Integral light source. Strong kernel. Precision Z axis module. Efficient slicing. New generation operation system. OTA online upgrade.

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  •  1. 7.9 inch 4K Mono LCD: Larger display, Resolution:4320*2560 (4K), 172*102*160mm build volume, vividly printing out every detail of big models
  •  2. Creality Cloud App: Support Wi Fi, realize remote control via Creality Cloud App, cloud slicing and one click to print, achieve efficient management.
  •  3. Excellent in Printing Micro-holders: Perfectly printing micro holders of 0.1-0.3 mm for models with complicated structures. No deformation, easy to remove, clean and cure.
  •  4. 5 inch HD full view multi touch screen: The screen with brand new UI interface allow a clean model preview and selection. With 14 languages supported, the printer is quite comprehensible.
  •  5. Z axis with Dual Linear Rails: Z axis with dual linear railways, together with T shape screw rod assures accurate and steady movement.
  •  6. High Slicing Software Compatibility: Compatible with HALOT BOX Lychee and CHITUBOX, slicing with high efficiency.
    1. Build Volume : 172 102*160mm
    2. XY axis Resolution : 4320*2560 (4K)
    3. XY-axis : 0.04mm
    4. Layer Height : 0.01-0.2mm
    5. Mono LCD : 7.9 inches, 4K Mono LCD
    6. Light Source Technology : Integral Light Source
    7. Z axisDual linear rails with T shape screw rod :
    8. Lighting Evenness : 90%
    9. Touch screen : 5-inch HD Full view Multi touch Screen
    10. Data Transmission method : USB disk, Creality Cloud,HALOT BOX WiFi
    11. Slicing software : HALOT BOX, Lychee Slicer, CHITUBOX
    12. Others : Air Filtration, OTA online update.
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