Focus 6K 3D Printer

Brand: Flashforge

Rs. 325,399
    • 9.25-inch Industrial 6K Monochrome screen
    • Resolution - 35μm
    • Printing Size - 197*122*200mm
    • Machine weight - 22KG
    • Industrial-grade dual linear guide rail+ball screw

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Print Speed : 10-50mm/h
Build Volume : 197*122*200mm
Layer Height : 20-200 μm (adjustable)
XY Resolution : 35μm
Wavelength : 405nm
Z-axis : Industrial-grade dual linear guide rail+ball screw
Projection Screen : 9.25-inch industrial 6K monochrome screen
Build Plate : Sandblasting platform (the brim design prevents the solution from overflowing the platform)
Vat Capacity : 0.5L
Connectivity : USB/Ethernet/Wi-Fi
Printer Dimension : 390*330*525 mm
Display Screen : 7-inch capacitive screen
Slicing Software : FlashDental
Net Weight : 22kg
Language : Chinese, English, etc.

  1.  1. Self developed optical engine: Light source design optimization. Unique optical control system; Uniform, efficient and stable light intensity output.
  2.  2. Industrial 6K HD monochrome screen: Resolution up to 5760*3600; Denser pixel distribution and higher printing precision than DLP printers; High light transmittance of the screen; Longer screen service life.
  3.  3. Stable and durable build plate: One touch fixation for easier removal and installation All aluminum design, stable and durable; Circular arc top for more comfortable grip; The top brim design prevents the solution from overflowing the platform, making it easier to clean.
  4.  4. Light and durable solution vat: The design and diversion port is convenient to pour materials and avoid residues. The release film can be quickly replaced, which saves the trouble of disassembly. One touch locking disassemble in seconds and install in seconds.
  5.  5. Intelligent guide rail assembly unit: It adopts the industrial-grade dual linear guide rail and ball screw to ensure accurate and smooth operation, and eliminate printing layer lines.
  6.  6. Stable and efficient professional slicing software: It is more suitable to the using habits of dental users and integrates many practical functions such as automatic restoration, one-button layout, automatic lay flat, contour compensation, intelligent marking and so on.


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