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Halot Ray


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The 9.25-inch screen enables 198×123×210mm build volume, an 11% volume increase compared with an 8.9-inch screen. The screen also features 6K resolution with 350:1 high contrast, delivering what you want with exquisite model details. 12 LED modules, 93% and above light evenness achieved by reflection & refraction engineering. Get great models, then slice and print them, all with the Creality Cloud APP, as long as the machine is connected to WiFi. Real-time remote monitoring and recording with an HD camera can visualize the joy of creation.

  •  The HALOT OS features device-software-cloud synergy. Users can print through a USB disk, Creality Cloud APP, HALOT BOX, and the online model library of the printer. It supports OTA online updates.
  •  The 5-inch HD multi-touch screen with visualized UI and 14 preset languages makes it easier to use.
  •  Our brand new HALOT BOX comes with automatic defect detection and repair. It can also split a large model into smaller pieces, unleashing users' creativity.
    The air filtration system with activated carbon and 4000RPM fan purifies the air every 30 seconds. A replacement reminder will occur when the activated carbon is used up. :
    Print Speed : 1-4/Layer
    Resolution Accuracy : 30 Um
    Operating System : Windows/Mac
    Supported File Format : STL/OBJ
    Data Transmission Method : USB Disk, Creality Cloud,Halot Box Wifi
    Power Requiements : 250W
    Print Screen Resolution : 5760X3600
    Print Screen Size : 9.25inches
    Gross Weight : 14.3kg
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  • 3D Printer

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