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Flashforge Hunter


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Flashforge Hunter 3D Printer has a full HD 1080p light engine and advanced dual-core 800mhz ARM processor for ultra-fast performance. It supports multiple resin types (FH1100, FH1200, FH1400 & Detax Luxaprint 3D shell).

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  •  High precision 3d printing based on DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, meeting dental & jewelry industry’ accuracy requirements.
  •  Self-developed 1920*1080 resolution light engine: well-distributed light intensity, print parts, and accessories with high precision and fine details.
  •  Special Precision Compensation Algorithm: gray compensation & correction algorithm ensures smoother surface and higher dimensional accuracy.
  •  3.5-inch touchscreen: professional quality 3d prints start from clicks, offer an intuitive user experience.
  •  Removable aluminum resin VAT and FEP Films contribute to minimal resin waste, long durability, and low maintenance costs.
  •  Compatible with multi-brand photopolymer resins, multiple preset resin 3d printing modes for specific brand resins.
  •  DLP Printer slicing software FlashDLPrint lets you prepare 3d models for quick and accurate dental & jewelry application printing.
  •  Multiple 3d model transfer options: USB cable, USB stick, WiFi.
    Build Volume: 4.72 x 2.66 x 5.91
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